About  Us

 The beautiful island of Chiloé is located in the south of Chile in what is known as the Lake District. This magical island is best known for its lush, dense forests, green undulating hills, quaint fishing towns, unique flora and fauna and its distinctive mythology and folklore.

Chiloé is easily accessed by taking a ferry from the main land to Puerto de Chacao or by flying into the Mocapulli airport located in Castro. Approximately 145 km south of Puerto Chacao or 75 Km south of Castro, you will find the town of Paildad. Paildad, which takes its name from the estuary on which it is situated, is a small coastal town located on the south east side of the Big Island of Chiloé and is home to Isla Bruja Lodge.  



Isla Bruja Lodge is run by its owners Francisco Campbell (originally from Santiago, Chile) and Marie Brandt (originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA) which makes the lodging experience different from that of a typical hotel. Marie and Francisco will welcome you into their warm, rustic and cozy home and will provide a much more personalized lodging experience.    



We have 4 comfortable guest rooms all with a private bathroom, a spacious common living room with a toasty wood burning stove and a lovely dining area where you will find a large table for sharing meals and good conversation. Outside you will find two large welcoming terraces and a hot tub fueled by firewood, both with a beautiful ocean view. Marie and Francisco, along with their local staff, will make you feel right at home and make your stay unforgettable.