Mountain Bike:


Pedal the dirt roads bordering the coast of Paildad and experience the surrounding beauty from a unique perspective. You will see the gorgeous sites the estuary has to offer including its unique wildlife, picturesque church and local houses. For the more experienced biker, there are Enduro level trails, from descents through the woods with views of the ocean, to technical lines with jumps and drops You can check them out on  




The calm water of Estero Paildad creates a perfect scenario for kayaking. However the drastic changes in tide will be a constant reminder that you are indeed on the ocean and not on a lake. Explore Estero Paildad by kayak and observe the vast wildlife. You can see hundreds of different species of birds, friendly sea lions and toninas, the local word for dolphins.  If you need a rest, you can stop at any of the beaches to take pictures, have a picnic, or visit the local church. When the tide is high enough, you can go up the Apeche River which goes for miles and will really remind you what a unique place you are in.




The dense forests of “Selva Valdiviana” are the perfect scenario for trekking. There are trails for all levels, from the novice hiker to the more experienced.  You will get to explore the undulated hills, valleys and rivers as well as see the unique flora and fauna. Perhaps if you are lucky you will catch a glimpse of a Pudu, the world´s smallest deer which is in danger of extinction. There are many nearby trails in the surrounding area, but for those who don´t want to adventure off too far from Isla Bruja Lodge, we have several trails on our property that will allow you to walk the forests and experience nature from our own backyard. Due to the rainy climate of Chiloé, waterproof shoes are highly recommended for trekking.

Penguin and Dolphin Tours:

Our friends at Ecoturismo Quilún offer toursfrom Queilén to the Conejos Island, where you can see Penguins,Dolphins, Sea Lions and many kinds of birds. For more information please go to